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The Things We Carry (2006)

sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2007

1. Life Is Hard Enough
2. Watch Me Sink
3. Armed With A Mind
4. About Face
5. The Unbreakable
6. Old Man II
7. Song Of Shame
8. To Us Fools
9. Something More Than Ink
10. The Machinist
11. Watch Me Rise


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The Casualties - Made In N.Y.C [2007]

Tracklist :
01. Casualties Army
02. On The Front Line
03. Under Attack
04. Riot
05. Fight For Your Life
06. V.I.P.
07. Ugly Bastard
08. Criminal Class
09. Punk Rock Love
10. In It For Life
11. Social Outcast
12. Made In N.Y.C.
13. Blitzkrieg Bop
14. On City Streets
15. Get Off My Back
16. System Failed Us...Again
17. For The Punx
18. Tomorrow Belongs To Us
19. Unknown Soldier
20. Down And Out
21. Punx Unite
22. 40 Oz. Casualty



Bleeding Through - The Truth (2006)


"For Love and Failing"
"Love in Slow Motion"
"The Painkiller"
"Kill to Believe"
"Dearly Demented" (feat. Tiger Army's Nick 13)
"Line in the Sand"
"She's Gone"
"Tragedy of Empty Streets"
"Return to Sender"
"Hollywood Prison"