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Saints Never Surrender - Hope For the Best, Prepare For the Worst

sábado, 25 de agosto de 2007


    Año: 2007
    Género: Hardcore
    Servidor: Rapidshare
1.Nights Like These
2.Reggie At The Buzzer
3.Our Actions
4.Who Is... - (Interlude)
5.John Klotz
8.I Wish I Was Kriss
9.This Is... - (Interlude)
10.Where I Want To Be
11.Abandoning My Ideals
12.More Than This
14.Four Years
DEscarge aki!!!

MxPx - Ten Years And Running (2002), RecOPiLtaORiO De sUs mEJoRes CanCiOnEs

aki el tracklist:

01 Punk Rawk Show (Cancion Reegrabada para el disko)
02 My Mistake (New Cancion)
03 Running Away (New Cancion)
04 Chick Magnet
05 Want Ad
06 Tomorrow's Another Day
07 Doing Time
08 The Broken Bones
09 My Life Story
10 Teenage Politics
11 PxPx
12 GSF
13 Do Your Feet Hurt
14 Let it Happen
15 Lonesome Town
16 Dolores
17 Rock & Roll Girl
18 Move to Bremerton
19 Middlename (Live)


The Offspring - Live @ Wembley 2001

Aki el Tracklist:

01 Bad Habit
02 All I Want
03 Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
04 Million Miles Away
05 Gone Away
06 Have You Ever
07 Gotta Get Away
08 Happy Birthday Greg K
09 Staring At The Sun
10 Dammit, I Changed Again
11 Original Prankster
12 Intermission
13 The Kids Aren't Alright
14 Self Esteem
15 Come Out And Play
16 Want You Bad




TheUsed 2002


1- Noise and kisses
2- Bulimic
3- The taste of ink
4- Say days ago
5- Poetic tragedy
6- Pieces mended
7- On my own
8- Maybe Memories
9- Buried myself alive
10- Blue and yellow
11- A box full of sharp objects


Sleeping by the Riverside / Carry the Dead - Split


    Año: 1999
    Género: Hardcore
    Servidor: rapidshare
    Pais de Origen:Estados Unidos
Sleeping by the Riverside

1. Something to Say
2. No Restitution
3. Fine Tuning
4. Crime Paid For
5. Seasons of Abuse
Carry The Dead
6. Ashes
7. Promise of Death
8. Indignation of Love
9. Catalyst
DEscarga aki!!